Serbian Pop Star Who Accused Kim Kardashian of Stealing Her Style Now Accuses Beyoncé of Same

Remember the so-called “Gaga of Serbia” who accused Kim Kardashian of copycatting her style? Well, now that Serbian pop star is accusing Beyoncé of the same thing (because of course she is), and shades her with some harsh advice: to try and be original sometime.

Jelena Karleusa, 36, of Serbia boasts an Instagram following of 530 K followers (up from 377 K in March, when we first wrote about her).

Well, Karleusa is back at calling out another American celebrity – ahem, none other than Queen Beyoncé – for stealing her “look.”

It's called ORIGINALITY. You should try it sometime.

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In the top photo, she references the similarity between Bey’s sheer, bedazzled Met Gala gown and side ponytail with a photo of her in a sheer, bedazzled gown and side ponytail from January 2012.

As Kid Rock knows, mess with Beyoncé and you’ll get stung by the beehive. But their wrath just can’t keep her down, and she continued to prove her point by posting more photos comparing her style with Beyoncé’s:

Thank you for serving up the truth tea, Karleusa, but we still bow down to the Queen. I mean, it’s Beyoncé. 

Shout out to Wendy Williams:

Karleusa first made headlines when her and a newly-platinum-blonde Kardashian looked eerily similar not just in hair style, but style style.

The fact is, side-by-side comparisons more or less proved they both had a penchant for the same kind of black clothes, black fur, black sunglasses, black dresses…amongst other chic staple pieces.

However, one of the major differences between them is the fact that Kardashian is a media mogul and part of a reality TV empire with nearly 32 million followers on Instagram. Karleusa’s following doesn’t even come close.

At the time, Karleusa told Us Weekly, “I think that her stylists are inspired by my IG page, not her,” and “I don’t have a stylist, I do it all by myself.”

Let’s just point out what we’re all thinking: the so-called “Gaga of Serbia” actually takes low-key style cues from the goddess of all goddesses herself, Lady Gaga.

Exhibit A:


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Yesterday, we told you about another striking Kardashian doppelgänger, Miami-based Cuban model Claudia Sampedro, whose facial features look undeniably like Kim’s.

Finally, let’s not forget that Kardashian and Beyoncé, albeit forced friends through their husbands (rappers Kanye West and Jay Z), have also once upon a time (i.e. Monday night) been compared for dressing similarly. Alas, we’ve come full-circle.

If there are any other Kim Kardashian doppelgängers, or pop stars who think she or Beyoncé’s stolen their style, please, come out of the woodwork now.

[Lead photo credit: Instagram @karleusastar and @Beyonce]