WATCH: Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb Hash Out Embryo Debacle in Dueling Morning Show Interviews

Sofia Vergara on Embryos Lawsuit With Nick Loeb: 'I’m Doing the Right Thing'
Sofia Vergara has broken her silence on her legal battle with ex-fiancé Nick Loeb.

Nothing like a celebrity scandal scramble to get your day started.

Sofia Vergara appeared on Good Morning America to discuss the legal battle over her frozen embryos with ex-fiancé, Nick Loeb. Vergara claimed that this would be the final time that she would discuss the matter publicly, preferring to focus on the positive developments in her career.

I’ve been working very hard for 20 years to get to this point where I am. I promote all my movies, all my work, but I don’t like promoting my private life. It shouldn’t be out there for people to give their opinion when there’s nothing to talk about.

Vergara frames Loeb as an opportunist, deliberately exploiting their dirty laundry during a peak week in her career that includes the opening of her film Hot Pursuit with Reese Witherspoon and receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Loeb simultaneously appeared on The Today Show to voice his side of the story in addition to an op-ed piece that was published in the New York Times. When Hoda Kotb questioned whether the businessman intended to use the embryos to “have her baby”, Loeb responded,

It has nothing to do with her baby or a baby. Lives were already created. A lot of the questions are ‘Why don’t you move on and meet somebody else?’ No doubt I would love to do that, but doesn’t it matter that two lives have already been created and I wouldn’t just toss aside a child that had been born.

Vergara’s ex also claimed that he was abused by the Modern Family actress in his legal complaint, calling four counts of physical assault and routine verbal humiliation.

On an optimistic note, Vergara shows signs of a healthy relationship with Joe Manganiello in the Summer ’15 issue of Cosmo for Latinas, on newsstands May 19. She explains that the happy couple is in no rush to start a family:

If it happens, it will be something that will make us very happy, but it’s not a priority in our lives. I believe that you can find a person who is very similar to you and that a relationship doesn’t have to be a struggle. If things are easy, I think that’s when you’ve found a soulmate.

Watch Sofia Vergara’s GMA interview in the video above and Nick Loeb’s Today Show defense below.