Zayn Malik Defends Himself for Lashing Out at Louis Tomlinson

Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson’s relationship took a turn for the worse yesterday when the former One Direction bandmates sparred over a photo posted by Naughty Boy, who’s helping Malik produce his upcoming solo album and has taken the role as Malik’s new BFF.

Basically, Tomlinson made fun of Naughty Boy for posting a photo of him and Malik using their “cool” Macbook Photo Booth filter. Naughty Boy trolled Tomlinson back, and hence began a very public, very amusing feud.

After a couple jabs, Malik stepped in and asked his former BFF, “remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine ?”

One Directioner’s all over the world now no longer believe in bromance and have basically taken Tomlinson’s side, with the hashtag #TomlinsonSlaysAgain trending on Twitter yesterday as proof for who fans are in support of (and referring to Tomlinson’s first Twitter spat with Naughty Boy back in March).

Malik, however, doesn’t seem to understand why One Directioner’s aren’t on his side and is now on the defense:

Meanwhile Tomlinson, feeling pretty good that he’s got the entire fan base on his side, tweeted:

It’s safe to say that fans are still super emotional about Malik’s decision to leave the group and join forces with Naughty Boy.