Beyoncé and Jay Z Own a Majestic $2.6 Million Church-Turned-Mansion in New Orleans

Beyoncé and Jay Z are allegedly the proud owners of a gorgeous New Orleans mansion, which was also once upon a time a church. Word has it that Bey and Jay purchased a 10,000-square-foot Spanish baroque Garden District residence back in January, but did so very incognito.

Although it’s still part of the rumor mill, Jay and Bey establishing residence in Nola does make sense, since Solange owns a store there (Exodus Goods) and most likely lives in the French Quarter.

NOLA Curbed reports that “According to the Orleans Parish Assessor’s office online database, 1527 Harmony St. is owned by an LLC named Sugarcane Park. A search of the LLC on the Louisiana Secretary of State website shows a mailing address for Parkwood Entertainment LLC, which is incidentally Beyonce’s management company.”

Whether or not Jay and Bey bought it for sleepovers with Solange (which is what we like to think) or just to add to their collection of real estate, is unclear. But it’s probably the best crash pad/vacation home ever, and here’s why.

First of all, it’s located in New Orleans. Second of all, Jay Z and Beyoncé’s new church-turned pad (built in 1925 as a church for the Westminster Presbyterian congregation) is super posh, with 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms (22 rooms in total), open-concept design, beautiful historic architecture, and 3-stories tall space.

Additionally, it has both a main residence with three apartments and a green roof, to add to its pizzaz.

Check out their beautiful new piece of Nola real estate in the gallery above!