Reese Witherspoon and ‘SNL’ Celebrate Mother’s Day by Apologizing to Their Mothers


In honor of Mama’s day, Witherspoon and the cast brought their real mothers to the show and delightfully apologized to them for their bad behavior as children and teenagers during the opening monologue.

Their tribute was super cute as we’re given a little look inside what the cast members (and Reese!) were like growing up.

Witherspoon and Cecily Strong’s sketch “Be Scene in L.A.” made mockery of Kathie Lee and Hoda’s morning talk show (and reveal what happens when you have incompetent sound guys working with you):

“Weekend Update” features Strong and Witherspoon as Two Girls You Wish You Hadn’t Gotten Into A Conversation With At A Party:

“High School Theater” poked fun at just that, high school theater:

“Whiskers R We” featured cute kittens (aww) and awkwardness:

“Waterslide” reveals what can go wrong when the lifeguards flirt with each other:

In “Southern Ladies,” the gals gab to one another and sip wine:

Last night’s musical guest was Florence + the Machine, who performed “What Kind of Man”:

…and “Ship to Wreck”: