Emma Stone to Diane Keaton: Andrew Garfield ‘Is Such a Poet’

Emma Stone just gave ex-boyfriend Andrew Garfield a very big compliment in Interview magazine.

The 26-year-old actress is on the cover of the magazine’s May issue. Inside the magazine, Stone is interviewed by Diane Keaton, and she opens up to her about acting, love and everything in between.

Stone has been taking on a lot of different roles and characters in the past couple of years. She’s been everyone from Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man to Sally Bowles in Cabaret, and it sounds like she’s ready to take on even more challenging parts.

“I feel more ready than I ever have to do something incredibly different and challenging and scary,” Stone told Keaton. “I think because I just played Sally Bowles [in the Broadway revival of Cabaret]. You know, because you started on Broadway, there’s something about having to go up and do it every night, no matter how you’re feeling, having to tell the whole arc of a story and not just scene by scene the way that you do on film. I feel more like I understand acting in a different way. It’s totally different when you’re shooting something. But only in the past six months to a year have I felt like I can really try these different things. I think I was really scared of that for a long time. And if something was really challenging, I thought that I was just going to fall on my face and embarrass myself. I’m just less scared of that now, of failing.”

Keaton also talked to Stone about making it in the acting world, “So when your dream came true and you became this big movie star actress, did you feel a kind of responsibility to the people who gave you your stardom in a way, like your fans? I mean, what is your relationship to your fans?”

Stone revealed to Keaton, “I don’t feel any different from anyone. I am such a diehard fan—as you of all people should know. [laughs] I know what it is to be a fan. But I don’t think I’ve ever really considered the idea of having fans. I think I’m always sort of ducking that, thinking it’s more about the work, the project itself, than me, in particular, that’s speaking to people. So I’ve never really taken it all that personally, as if it has something to do with me. Maybe that’s unwise. But when someone comes up to you and says something truly heartfelt about work you’ve done, that means a lot.”

Emma Stone
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Garfield was also brought up by Keaton. It was announced in April 2014 that Stone and Garfield were “on a break.” But, a couple of signs have suggested these two aren’t completely over just yet.

Keaton told Stone, “Andrew Garfield said, ‘Working with Emma was like diving into a thrilling, twisting river [Stone laughs] and never holding on to the sides. From the start. To the end. Spontaneous. In the moment. Present. Terrifying. Vital. The only way acting with someone should be.’ My God. I mean, what did you feel when you heard such a dream-come-true observation?”

Stone replied, “He is such a poet. [laughs] But that’s the way he writes in general. So I hear it and of course my heart swells up. And I also know that he writes things like that on a daily basis. [laughs]”

When Keaton said “No way,” Stone replied, “Yes, he does. He’s so poetic.”


Three things that might be possible:

1. Stone and Garfield are back together.

2. This interview happened pre-breakup.

3. Stone and Garfield are very amicable exs.

Please let it be option No. 1!

To read more of Stone’s interview, head on over to Interview magazine.