WATCH: That Time Kanye West Caught Himself Smiling

Why Kanye Refuses to Smile
Finally, an explanation from the man himself.

Sometimes, you sit courtside with an NBA legend and you chat for a bit. You watch the game. You relax. You forget your name is Kanye West and let out the biggest smile in the universe.

While it’s unclear what the rapper and Scottie Pippen were talking about during Sunday’s Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls game, the latter must’ve said something wonderful because well, this happened:

Naturally, we couldn’t help ourselves and came up with this short list of things Kanye West was probably thinking about when he was caught doing something so normal as smiling:

“Maintain street cred — Kris Jenner is watching.”
“Hope no one saw my popcorn-filled grill…”
“Keep cool Kanye. Remember what you said about not smiling.”
“Scottie really needs a breath mint.”

In related Kanye/Bulls news, Mr. Kim Kardashian entertained the crowd with “All Day” during a timeout break. Not halftime. Timeout.

Until next time, Yeezus lovers.

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