Find Out Who’s Set to Play Kris Jenner on ‘American Crime Story’

Kris Jenner is getting a role on TV, but this time it’s not for a reality show, and she won’t be playing herself.

Kris Jenner Coming to TV
Kris Jenner is trading in reality television to try out a bit of acting...

The upcoming FX series American Crime Story will retell the controversial trial of O.J. Simpson and the murder of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson.

Robert Kardashian Sr. and Kris Jenner — though divorced at the time — were not only close friends with O.J. and Nicole, but Robert also served as O.J.’s lawyer while Kris sat in the courtroom’s proceedings throughout much of the trial.


Thus, Entertainment Weekly confirms both Kris and Robert Sr. will see roles in the miniseries. Selma Blair is set to play a Kris, who was pregnant with Kendall Jenner at the time, while David Schwimmer will play Robert.

The cast also includes Cuba Gooding Jr. as O.J. and regulars Ryan Murphy, Sarah Paulson and Connie Britton.