‘Mad Men’ Week: 51 of the Best Fashion Moments from the Ladies

'Mad Men' S7 Trailer
Are you ready to say goodbye?

“Men love scarves.”

Eight years ago, some 1.65 million viewers tuned into AMC on a Thursday (!) evening to watch Joan Holloway tell Peggy Olson that fashion tip on the series premiere of Mad Men. It was Peggy’s first day as Don Draper’s secretary. People made fun of her ankles. She had super short bangs. The pilot closed with Pete Campbell going into her Brooklyn apartment. And the rest, as they say, is history.

As the show comes to a close this weekend, we at Celebuzz are celebrating all things Mad Men beginning today (May 11). To start, we’ve created a love letter of sorts (in the form of a slideshow) for Janie Bryant, the spectacular costume designer who’s brought the ‘60s and ‘70s back to life on these men and women of Madison Avenue.

There’s Betty’s infamous polka dot dress, worn for far too long after inadvertently serving as the new target for Heineken; Megan’s “Zou Bisou Bisou” frock; Joan’s love for red (in any shade) and her pen necklace; Peggy’s epic transformation from pale colors to loud plaid and Burger Chef-worthy stripes; and of course Sally Draper’s style, which has held strong for the better part of a decade on the show.

Make yourself an Old Fashioned (or gimlet, if your palette is more like Betty’s), sit back, and relive some of the best fashion moments from the ladies of Mad Men.