Miles Teller Rescued a Pregnant Woman Because Superheroes Never Get a Day Off

Miles Teller Shows Off His Stellar Six-Pack on 'The Tonight Show'
If you didn't already have one, prepare to have a crush on Miles Teller.

Mr. Fantastic is at it again.

Miles Teller and his gorgeous girlfriend, Keleigh Sperryreportedly rescued a pregnant woman who was caught in the rip tide of a Miami beach.

The dynamic duo swept into action when the Fantastic Four actor heard the woman screaming for help, dashing into the water to help her to safety.

Teller and Sperry assured that the mama-to-be was okay before departing ways to enjoy an otherwise lovely day at the beach.

It is comforting to know Teller fits the role as a lifeguard in the unlikely event that Fantastic Four 2 is a flop.

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 Photo Credit: Mia Lardiere

Fantastic Four 2 is currently in production and will paddle into theaters on June 9, 2017.