Drama! Kylie Jenner Accuses Kim Kardashian of Stealing Her Style

There’s some sisterly drama going on! Kylie Jenner is accusing big sis Kim Kardashian of copying her style.

Kim Tells Kylie to 'Own Up'
Kim Kardashian wants Kylie Jenner to own up to her plumped lips.

While we’ve often seen Kylie and Kim rocking similar looks or matching outfits, it seems like the 17-year-old is starting to get a little annoyed by it.

In a deleted scene from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kylie tells Kourtney she feels like Kim is “cramping her style” and stealing some of her ideas, including her decision to cut her hair short and do a sexy, desert photo shoot.

Of course, we’ve seen this out of Kim before — remember that one time she stole Kylie’s bikini? — but in all fairness, Kylie does the same thing to Kim!

Check out Kylie’s accusations in the video above.