Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea Are, Like, Totally Out of This World in ‘Pretty Girls’ Video

"Pretty Girls" Music Video
See photos of Britney and Iggy filming the video last month.

Uglies, keep scrolling! Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea just shared the “Pretty Girls” music video, making this a No Busteds Zone.

The video, partially inspired by the 1988 film Earth Girls Are Easy, begins with Britney’s private poolside party being crashed (literally) by the crash-landing arrival of Iggy’s spaceship in her pool.

Instead of being frightened or angry like a basic, Britney reacts like a true queen: she gives alien Iggy (Iggalien?) an ’80s Valley Girl makeover. Like, totally, you guys, we’re serious! The two become fast friends, and so much crazy campiness ensues. Cue ’80s fashion montage! Iggy turns gasoline into… I don’t know, Kool-Aid? Rosé? An ATM explodes resulting in a shower of cash! Dance break! In what might be the most blatant product placement in a music video ever, Iggy uses her “radical alien powers” (direct quote from the video, and that is not a lie) to fix Britney’s big brick of a cellphone (you remember those, no?) by turning it into a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S6! Everyone run out and buy a new Samsung Galaxy S6, alright?

Now it’s time to hit the club: Brit and Iggs roll up on the dance floor to bust some moves and whip their hair for a minute before, somehow, a spaceship enters the venue to pick our ladies up — probably for a light-speed ride up to the top of the charts?

“Pretty Girls”: Come for the campy ’80s nostalgia and stay for the multiple instances of Britney clapping like that. And this:

And this:

“Pretty Girls” is available on iTunes.

GIFs via Vevo and Daily Britney GIFs.