WATCH: The Final ‘Mad Men’ Trailer Will Make You Feel All the Feels

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Because you deserve it.

Remember, do you remember?

Paul Anka has the honor of making us nostalgic and weepy with his 1975 classic (and Kodak commercial jingle), “Times of Your Life,” which plays in the background in the last Mad Men preview ever.

Lifelong Mad Men fans will know that of course, nothing about the next (and final) episode is revealed in the 60-second spectacle.

Still, we watch because Matthew Weiner and company have trained us well. They’ve trained us to still hit the play button on these things while hoping for something — anything — on the next episode.

While “Times of Your Life” is absolutely fitting for the final goodbye, the series finale is actually called “Person to Person.”

In related news, there’s so much love for this show that come Sunday, AMC’s sister networks (including BBC America and IFC) will suspend regular programing during Mad Men’s airtime. A “special message commemorating” the show will take place instead.

AMC will also kick off a Mad Men marathon starting at 6 p.m. tonight (May 13). So maybe call in sick for the rest of the week?

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The End of an Era happens this Sunday, May 17 at 10 p.m.

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