WATCH: Prince Harry Performs Traditional Maori Haka War Dance

Jason Momoa Does the Haka
See the actor perform a chilling Maori war dance.

Prince Harry is all about getting down with tradition.

While visiting Linton Army Camp in New Zealand on Wednesday, the 30-year-old took it upon himself to learn the special army dance — known as Ngati Tumatauenga — with fellow soldiers. According to Warrant Officer Class 2 Brett Pene, who served as the royal’s tutor, Harry only took 20 minutes to learn the traditional Maori haka.

“Given the time restraints, in trying to teach him I know it was a bit difficult trying to learn the actions and the words, so I think he did really well,” Pene told the press. “He got a bit frustrated here and there, but that happens when you’ve only got 20 minutes to learn.”

“He was familiar with the haka, so he wanted to know whether we’d do ‘Ka Mate’, but we did the army haka. As soldiers, it’s not everyday you have a member of of the royal family doing the haka with you,” he continued.

After the performance, Harry had hangi lunch, a meal cooked using headed rocks buried in a pit oven, with soldiers from 1 NZ Brigade and a game of touch rugby with local kids.

Oh, he’s also single and looking to settle down, ladies.

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