WATCH: Taylor Swift Inspires Man to Lose Over 400 Lbs.

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We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again, Taylor Swift is magical. Not only can her music make babies stop crying, but it can also inspire people to lose weight, which is exactly what happened to one man named Ronnie Brower.

About 700 days ago, 30-year-old Brower weighed 675 lbs. But, after hearing from doctors that he needed to make some serious life changes in order to reach the age of 35, Brower decided to start his weight loss journey.

Ronnie Brower

Brewer loves Swift and her music, so much so that one of his good friends, Joe Bufano, offered to buy him tickets to her concert if he met his weight loss goal. One of those weight loss goals included losing 425 lbs., which Brower did!

This is what Brower looks like now after losing the weight:

Ronnie Brower

So, once 30-year-old Brower met his goals, Bufano made good on his word and bought tickets to Swift’s 1989 concert in Cleveland. The concert is on June 3, and Brower will be in attendance!

In celebration of his friend reaching his goals, Bufano made a video of Brower’s weight loss journey. He also made the video in hopes that Swift would see it, and find some way to connect with Brower at the concert.

Here’s the video:

Bufano captioned the YouTube video, “Taylor…please help me make your Cleveland concert special for Ronnie. He is your biggest fan. Your music inspired him throughout his journey! We’re coming to see you in Concert on June 3 in Cleveland!”

Brower, who lives in the Syracuse, New York area, will be at the concert in Cleveland on June 3. We hope Swift watches this video and connects with him at the show!

We’ll keep you updated on this story.

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