Hilary Duff Experiments with Tinder in New ‘Sparks’ Music Video

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Hilary Duff‘s newest music video for “Sparks” isn’t so much your average music video as it is an advertisement for Tinder. Nonetheless, it’s an amusing one.

Duff’s foray into the online dating world was exposed a couple of weeks ago, but weirdly enough, it was all for her music video and maybe not for some reality show…or, of course, she was trying to kill two birds with one stone and did it also in the name of love, but how successful she was is yet to be known, since we haven’t heard of any second dates.

“Sparks” as a song is one poppy jam, probably good for road trips and summer pool parties, and yet the video doesn’t make a big deal about it. In this case, it’s all about the dates and the boys.

First, Duff goes to the bowling alley with her friends where she meets mystery guy #1. His face is blurred out and they awkwardly side hug at one point.

Her next date with mystery guy #2 looks like your average high school date with your crush – at an arcade with go cart racing! His face isn’t blurred; he’s cute and has nice style.

In between Duff’s dates are interludes of her dancing, a lot of sparkles and neon colors are involved.

The takeaway for this video is: “Go do something crazy. Go do something you wouldn’t do before,” as Duff advises.

We’d swipe right for you, Hilary.

Watch her new music video above.