Zayn Malik’s BFF, Naughty Boy, Continues to Drag Louis Tomlinson

Zayn Defends Himself
Zayn Malik explains his "bitchy" tweet to Louis Tomlinson.
Zayn vs. Louis
Zayn Malik slams Louis Tomlinson after leaving One Direction.

The feud between Zayn Malik’s new solo album producer and his ex-bandmate is far from over.

Naughty Boy, who has been blabbing non-stop about his friendship with the former One Direction singer, recently appeared on U.K. talk show Celebrity Juice to — what else? — diss Louis Tomlinson some more. Cryptically hinting that Malik left his boy band due to “personal reasons” not made known to he public just yet, Naughty Boy let slipped that there’s more beef between his BFF and Tomlinson than meets the eye.

“Zayn’s in a great place,” the British producer said. “Zayn left for his own personal reasons and one day people will know everything, right now’s not the time.”

When pressed further about his online feud with Tomlinson, in which Malik had to step in, Naughty Boy questioned his nemesis’ relevance. (Um, okay?)

“Talking about it is obviously not my problem,” the 30-year-old said, who previously claimed that Tomlinson “can’t even sing” and uses autotune for his songs. “The problem is that something doesn’t deserve the attention. Someone like Louis is not in my radar of anything.”

“Because [his fans] are young, you can’t really say anything back. So if you say something back to a little girl, it’s like bullying,” Naughty Boy, referring to the backlash from Directioners since his spat with Tomlinson became public. “So I don’t say anything … one fan told me to stick my own foot up my own arse.”

Previously, Naughty Boy told The Sun that Tomlinson was a “child” that  “needs to shut his mouth.”

“He is just a child. He’s messing with a sleeping lion and you shouldn’t have woken up a sleeping lion as you are only going to regret it,” he said. “I don’t know Louis so I can only base my judgement on what he says and he is acting like a 12-year-old.”