‘Mad Men’ Week: A Celebuzz Chat and Final Farewell to Don Draper

'Mad Men' Music
Zou. Bisou. Bisou.

“I worry about a lot of things, but I don’t worry about you.”

In just a few hours, Mad Men fans will take one last ride with Matthew Weiner on Madison Avenue as his beloved series comes to a close after seven seasons. Like Peggy, we hope to have a Don somewhere saying those words (from “The Strategy”) to us after tonight’s series finale.

As we mourn the Mad Men-less days to come at Celebuzz, a few thoughts come to mind: Who will we quote without more brilliant one-liners from Pete Campbell? What will we do without Sally Draper’s feisty grip on her father dearest, or Peggy Olson’s brilliant triumphs? Will Old Fashioneds still be cool? Or is Vermouth the name of the game?

Celebuzz editors Matt Russoniello, Kaitlyn Laurie, Mia Lardiere, and Peggy Truong got together to discuss the inevitable and well, here’s what happened.

Peggy Truong: Alright guys, Mad Men is unfortunately coming to an end on Sunday. Are you all ready?

Matt Russoniello: No.

Mia Lardiere: Never.

MR: But also yes. I am as excited to see how the show ends as I am terrified about never being able to watch a new episode.

PT: I’m not ready but I’m very curious how it will all end. I’ve never watched a show this closely and encountered a series where the final episode is so uncertain. If Matthew Weiner had ended it with last Sunday’s episode, I think the world would’ve been fine. He basically has a clean slate.

Kaitlyn Laurie: I wasn’t, and then I watched the penultimate episode and now I’m already depressed.

ML: For me it’s a matter of pride because after Mad Men is off the air, my TV roster is reduced to the Housewives and Chopped. I think you do have a point though, Peggy.

KL: Yeah, it’s all downhill at this point

ML: Barring Betty’s diagnosis I felt that a lot of the story lines reached some level of catharsis.

MR: I think, honestly, there have been several good stopping points throughout the series. It could have ended after Season 3, with the dissolution of Sterling Cooper and Don’s marriage to Betty. It could have ended after Season 5, in which it was clear, after giving it another college try, Don was going to go back to his old ways. It could have ended after Season 6, when Don hit rock bottom but seemed to find a certain peace in addressing his past. That’s what I love about the show. We’ve already experienced so many endings, and because of that, I feel very open about whatever might happen in the actual last episode.

PT: Yes, Matt. Agree with you on all fronts. It’s like we broke up on the show on very good terms many, many times. Let’s get personal for a little bit — how did you all get into the show? Do you remember how you first reacted?

ML: I think that Mad Men was one of the first series that I became hooked on thanks to Netflix. It was a show that came highly recommended because, duh, and after I watched the first season I just couldn’t get enough.

KL: I first watched Mad Men on DVD (!!!) when I was in high school. My mom and I binged watched the first two seasons.


MR: I was a fan of The West Wing, and I read that Elisabeth Moss (who played Zoe on that show) was starring in a new AMC series. So I had interest from the beginning. I didn’t start watching, however, until the second season. The first episode I actually saw was when I was traveling and “Flight 1″ came on my hotel TV. I remember that end scene with Peggy holding the screaming child in the church very clearly. So then, of course, I started at the beginning. I liked the show, obviously, though I have to say, it wasn’t until I got through the second season in its entirety that it really, really clicked for me.

PT: That is SUCH a scene. I hope we get some Peggy time in the finale. Because you know, she’s got the best name. I watched the first couple seasons on my own and thought I was the coolest person for tuning into something so classy. Then I rewatched it from the beginning when Netflix bought streaming rights and it was pretty much smooth sailing from there. It’s also the first TV show my husband and I wholeheartedly agree on and we are both devastated that it’s ending. We won’t know what to do with ourselves after the finale. Maybe we’ll finally go outside and see our friends.

MR: Going outside is overrated, and so are friends. (Unless, by friends, you mean the TV show Friends. Also available to stream on Netflix.)

ML: The thing that I remember reacting to the strongest was the cinematography. It’s just so cinematic from that opening shot of Don Draper.

PT: Mia, I recently rewatched the pilot and that opening shot of Don sitting in the bar is just classic.