Chrissy Teigen Has Peasants Crumble to Her Feet at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Want Kids: 'Not Super Soon, But Definitely'
Chrissy Teigen doesn't just want one or two kids, she wants three or four.

Have a nice trip! See ya next fall.

Chrissy Teigen, hostess of the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, accidentally tripped an audience member who crossed her path en route to meeting co-host, Ludacris, onstage.

The unidentified interloper took a tumble when she got caught on the train Mrs. John Legend’s gown. This is the humbling moment as Vined by the editor of CosmopolitanAmy Odell:

Teigen responded to claims of cold-hearted apathy for the fallen soldier on Twitter:


Agreed, Chrissy. Nothing that a batch of trademarked Thot Pockets and a “Get Well Soon” balloon can’t fix.