WATCH: Maya Rudolph Performs a Beyoncé National Anthem Remix at the 2015 Tulane Commencement

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Tulane University bagged a three-for-one deal on keynote speakers by cramming Beyoncé and Oprah into Maya Rudolph‘s body.

The Saturday Night Live alumna delivered a speech empowered with the essence of Ms. Winfrey at the 2015 Tulane commencement ceremony on Saturday.

Rudolph shared humble anecdotes of her confused college experience and the winding road that led to fame with the graduating class that included her cousin Sabrina.

She attributes her successful acting career to the unconditional support of her dad at its roots. Her father, a Tulane alumnus, responded nonchalantly to her “coming out” as a thespian, “Great. And how do you plan to support yourself while you figure that out? And when are you going to wash your feet?”

He was realistic, supportive, deflected the responsibility back to me, and suddenly showed support for his daughter’s pursuit of a long life in fart jokes.

Rudolph concluded her presentation with a patriotic Beyoncé mash-up of “The Star-Spangled Banner”, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”, “Single Ladies”, and “Drunk in Love”.

You can watch Maya Rudolph’s side-splitting commencement speech in its entirety on YouTube: