Breaking Hair News: Kesha Looks Through Old Photos of Lady Gaga, Debuts ‘Slimey’ New Hair Color

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Kesha Opens Up
Kesha talks about overcoming her eating disorder and recent troubles.

Kesha is as free as her hair. Or as free as Lady Gaga‘s hair, anyway.

Over the weekend, Kesha shared several photos of her new hair color, which she described as “slimey,” to her Instagram account.


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It’s a marked departure for Kesha, who has recently favored mining the pastel spectrum when it comes to hair color.

We couldn’t help but notice that the color was highly reminiscent of several of Gaga’s old looks. No shade, but our first thought upon seeing the photos was, “Why is Kesha Rose sharing old photos of Queen Gaga tho?”

Gaga has worn many variations, starting with a similarly-colored yellow-green wig during The Monster Ball era. She continued to wear various different slime-colored wigs throughout both her Born This Way Ball and ARTRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball tours. It’s kind of “her thing.”

Still, at the end of the day, it’s just a hair color, guys. It’s not that serious. Seriously. Or is it, for a woman who once wrote an entire song about defining her identity through her hair, something more?

Last year, Gaga subtweeted Katy Perry, whose Prismatic World Tour bore some similarities to Gaga’s Born This Way Ball:

What will Gaga say of Kesha, whose “Tik Tok” stopped “Bad Romance” from hitting number one back in 2009/2010?

Rage on, Great Hair Wars of the 2000s. Rage on.