Tuesday Ten: 10 Swimsuit Styles You’ll Love This Summer

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Memorial Day is this weekend, which means it’s officially the start of summertime barbeques, beach days and bikini weather!

Selena Gomez Rocks One-Piece
Selena Gomez rocked a sexy one piece in Mexico.

This year, swimsuit styles have gotten totally wild and all the more adorable — from high-waists to high-necks, mesh, straps and everything in between!

So in honor of the three-day holiday weekend, let’s get swimsuit ready with these 10 fab styles we’re sure to see all summer long:

 1. High-Waisted: Topshop. Thanks to Taylor Swift, high-waisted bikinis are all the rage this summer, which is great because they’re adorable for any figure.

2. Retro-Inspired: Everything But Water. Similar to high-waisted, retro bikinis are totally in this year. I love this tropical print!

3. Crochet: Nordstrom. From shirts to dresses to swimwear, crochet fabrics are back this year in a big way!

4. Strappy: Montce Swim. If there’s one thing I can tell you this summer when it comes to swimsuits: find one with straps, straps and more straps! Whether they’re on your hips or criss-crossing in the back, funky straps are all the rage this summer.

5. Cut-outs: Belusso. Just like straps, sexy little cut-outs are a must for your swimwear this year, adding a super hot touch to any look!

6. Neon + Black: Missguided. Neon colors with black trim is a winning combination in swimwear this year — a little sporty and super fun!

7. One Piece: Belusso. One-piece bathing suits are back in action again this year, but that doesn’t mean you have to pick out a plain ol’ boring one! I love this neon yellow color from Belusso.

8. Sporty: Missguided. Rather than the usual sexy, boob-y bikini, sporty bikinis are very trendy this year. They’re a great fit for a more conservative lady!

9. Tropical Prints: TopShop. Give your swimwear a tropical punch — it’s the perfect vacation-ready style.

10. Mesh: Missguided. Want to be a sexy tease in your bikini? A hint of mesh gives a glimpse at a little more skin.