So What Exactly Did Laverne Cox and Taylor Swift Chat About at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards?

When Taylor Swift won Top Billboard 200 Album on Sunday night at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, Laverne Cox presented her with the award and the two could not stop chatting as they walked off together backstage. Obviously, we couldn’t help but wonder what they talked about.

Taylor Swift Dominates the BBMAs
Taylor Swift won lots of awards at the 2015 BBMAs.

While we were sort of hoping the two were in talks to do a new “Bad Blood”-like video together, the Orange Is the New Black star told E! News that Swift just kept complimenting her.

“She was so sweet!” Cox explained. “When she got her award, she said, ‘Oh my gosh you look amazing!’ I was like, ‘Yes, thank you Taylor Swift!'”

She continued, “As we were walking back, she told me, ‘Everyone around me when you walked on stage said you look amazing!'”

And the conversation didn’t end there. Swift even invited Cox to her big Billboard after-party! Unfortunately, the actress wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t attend (*sad face Emoji*).

However, Cox couldn’t help but continue to gush about the country-turned-pop crooner, admitting she’s a huge fan. “She’s such a doll, I’m such a huge fan of hers. I love her music, but I love how she interacts with her fans. The relationship she has with them is just…I take notes from that!”

Guess we can add her to Swift’s ever-growing power squad!