WATCH: Taylor Swift Has a Major Stunt Fail While Filming Her ‘Bad Blood’ Music Video

Taylor Swift was NOT harmed in the making of the “Bad Blood” music video. But, she did have a major stunt fail during filming. 

On Sunday (May 17, 2015), Swift premiered her “Bad Blood” music video at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. The video is action-packed with fist fights, knife throwing and motorcycle rides.

In one scene, Swift blasts through a wall in the most badass way. But, while the stunt looks cool in the final cut of the video, Swift actually suffered a rare misstep while filming the scene.

Swift posted a video of the stunt fail to her Instagram. In the video, you can see Swift fall to the ground. While the fall could’ve seriously injured Swift, she was able to shake it off.

Whoops! LOL, we love that Swift can make fun of herself.

Let’s compare that to the actual video. Skip ahead to 1:42 to see what the end result looks like.