David Letterman’s “Top Ten” Broments of Friendship with Bill Murray

May 20, 2015 marks the end of David Letterman’s dominion over late night TV.

Throughout 33 years, 19,932 interviews, and 4,605 “Top Ten” lists, one feature that stands out in Late Show history is Letterman’s bromance with America’s national treasure, Bill Murray.

In the style of his iconic deca-listicles, here are David Letterman’s Top Ten Broments of Friendship with Bill Murray.

10. Murray’s first appearance on the inaugural episode of Late Night in which he gets aerobically “Physical” with a production crew member.


9. A retro “Come at me bro” moment where Murray sparked fisticuffs with his buddy’s heckler.

8. When Murray was Letterman’s sacrificial lamb once again, being tased upon entering the Late Show studio.

7. This meat-slinging cooking segment featuring recipes from Murray’s underrated beginners cookbook, Cooking With Toast. 


Letterman: “Where did you get the idea for this, Bill?”
Murray: “I love toast.”

6. That time Letterman supported his marathon man as he applied Bengay to his knee via osmosis through his wrist.


5. When Letterman was down to hang despite Murray being dressed up as Peter Pan.


4. A semi-permanent seal of their friendship on Murray’s leg when Letterman was the first to sign his invisible cast.

3. A sweet peck on the cheek from Murrayace.


2. Murray’s latest appearance as a sweet surprise for the Late Show’s final week.


And finally,

1. Murray’s tender musical tribute to his friend when he crooned the late night king with Whitney Houston’s, “I Will Always Love You”.


Congratulations on 33 years of televised bliss, you two.

The final broadcast of The Late Show with David Letterman airs tonight, May 20, at 11:35 p.m. on CBS.