WATCH: The ‘Batkid Begins’ Trailer Will Make You Feel Whole Again

Andrew Garfield's Batkid Segment
What you didn't see on the 2014 Oscars...

Have tissues handy, again.

Here’s your first look at Warner Bros. Pictures’ Batkid Begins, a documentary about 5-year-old leukemia survivor Miles Scott, aka. Batkid, and his dream to be Batman for a day back in 2013. (Click here for a refresher).

The film — not to be confused with the big screen adaptation produced by and starring Julia Roberts — follows the events leading up to Scott’s Make-A-Wish Foundation request turned viral feel good story, thanks to thousands of good-hearted strangers. San Francisco, as you recall, became Gotham City for one day. Batkid saved lives and put the bad guys in jail and well, the rest as they say, is superhero history.

Batkid Begins opens in limited release on June 26.