LISTEN: Beyoncé and Drake Reunite for ‘Can I’

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Beyoncé and Drake must have heard all the praise we gave when they made “Mine,” because their long-awaited follow-up is almost a real thing.

Earlier this week, a snippet of “Can I” — a track from Drizzy’s upcoming Views From the 6 — leaked and naturally, the Internet has preserved it for all to enjoy.

Queen Bey can basically sing/rap/croon anything over and over again and we’d still love it with open arms. In this case, it’s mostly “can I” and “baby.” (Bey also says “Before I turn the lights out”).

Remember, friends, the track is not final, so there’s still a chance for things like a second verse from Drake and actual singing from Beyonce (unlikely, but it’s still a good thought, right?).

Listen to “Can I?” below. Some lyrics may be NSFW: