Brody Jenner Opens Up About Dad Bruce: ‘I Love Him to Death’

Brody Jenner is speaking out about Bruce Jenner’s transition. 

We haven’t heard much from Brody since Bruce’s emotional Diane Sawyer interview aired last month. In the interview, Bruce confirmed that he’s transitioning into a woman.

Now, Brody is opening up about his dad’s transition in a new interview. Brody told Extra that he’s “very proud” of his dad. He also revealed, “It’s been a journey for all of us, but we’re very supportive and I love him to death, and it’s great to see how happy he is now.”

Brody was asked, “Do you think he is an even bigger hero now than he was as an Olympic gold medalist?” He responded by saying, “One-hundred percent, absolutely, I think it’s going to change a lot of lives, and hopefully save a lot of lives.”

During the interview, Brody even opened up about his alleged feud with Kim Kardashian. Is it true? “Absolutely not, absolutely not,” Brody explained. “I love my sisters. They’re incredible people and we get along just great.”

Brody didn’t attend Kardashian’s wedding to Kanye West in May 2014, and rumor has it that Brody’s still angry over not getting to invite his girlfriend to the wedding. What’s the truth? “To be honest, I never really hang out with them. I love Kim to death, but I never see them, they’re very busy, as am I. We don’t really hang out that much. I didn’t go to their wedding. I heard it was great. I wish I would have gone, it just didn’t work out… I had some work stuff I had to do.”

He went on to say, “It’s so funny, I always read these things like that, that Kim and I are just beefing all the time, it’s such BS.”

To watch the interview, head on over to Extra.