Breaking Hair News: Lady Gaga Is a Classic Blonde Again

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Just what will Mother Monster wear on her big day?

What does it really take to be blonde? An Advil, some Pinot, and about a dozen Instagram photos, according to Lady Gaga.

Gaga, who had dark brunette locks before, began documenting the grueling process on Wednesday, when she loosened her hair:

Let's fucking party.

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Ah, leave it to Gaga to liken bleaching one’s hair to the process of “long delicious love making.”

On Thursday, under the direction of stylist and longtime friend Patti Song, Mother Monster slowly but surely made her way to Blonde Central, a move many believe is in preparation for her upcoming wedding to Taylor Kinney. Or perhaps, her American Horror Story character?

According to Gaga, she opted for the virgin bleach application over balayage, the French method that allows for highlights.

“I want a clean solid classic blonde,” Gaga told her fans in one of the captions.

Here’s the rest of her journey back to blonde in Instagram form. Don’t her captions just read like beautiful poetry?

Get the whisky.

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Coconut oil keeping my scalp nice and calm. ❤️

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Thank you, Gaga, for sharing your hair wisdom with us. Friends, next time you head to a salon for some bleaching, maybe have Lady Gaga’s Instagram account open for some inspiration and encouragement.

No word on what Asia and Koji think of their gorgeous human’s new hair color.