New ‘Scream Queens’ Trailer Takes Viewers Behind the Scenes of the High-Gloss, Terrifying New Series

Meet the 'Scream Queens' Cast
There are seriously too many people to count.

Scream Queens doesn’t debut until the fall, but we’re already totally obsessed.

Creator Ryan Murphy and cast members Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, and Keke Palmer give an inside look at the high-gloss, terrifying, and hilarious new series.

Murphy shares this about the series:

These girls are kick-ass. They’re not waiting for a boy to come in and rescue them. They’re the ones doing the rescuing.

What I like about it is everyone has a motive to be behaving badly.

The show is basically Glee meets American Horror Story meets Heathers with a dash of Mean Girls and Friday the 13th.

The two-minute, 25-second promo video also includes footage of the upcoming dark comedy, where we see a shirtless Nick Jonas, Jamie Lee Curtis telling Roberts’ character that she hates her, and lots of high-pitched screaming.

Katy Perry is super excited about the show too. She tweeted:

Scream Queens premieres this fall on Fox.