Meek Mill Reassures Grandma, “Nicki Minaj and I Are Not Engaged”

According to Meek Mill, grandma will always have unwarranted concerns about your personal life no matter how large of a hip-hop legend you become.

In a cover story interview with The FaderMill silenced wedding bell rumors that he and Nicki Minaj are engaged. It was speculated that the couple was headed to the altar when Minaj posted this photo of a 15-carat heart diamond ring on her Instagram account last month:


While Mill confirms that he and Minaj are an item, he explains that they are not ready to plunge into the next phase of their relationship.

It’s definitely real, but it ain’t really time to get married yet. We’re still learning each other, feeling each other out.

The performer confessed that a public statement on their status was of necessity after his grandmother was convinced that the pair was engaged. “Whatever she sees on TV, she believes,” explained the courteous grandson to The Fader with Minaj by his side.

You can read the the Mills’ exclusive interview online here until his issue of The Fader hits newsstands on June 30.

Cover Photo Credit: The FADER/Daniel Shea