WATCH: Amy Schumer Defends Bill Cosby in Mock Rape Trial, Might Be the Next Bachelorette

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Amy Schumer's Shady Impression of Blake Lively
Blake Lively, you've just been served.

If there’s anyone who would have gone there, it’s Amy Schumer

In Tuesday’s (May 26, 2015) episode of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer, the comedian played the role of Bill Cosby‘s defense attorney, in a fictional representation of his trial in the Court of Public Opinion.

Throughout the trial, Schumer tries to blur the line between the allegations against Cosby and his beloved Cosby Show character, Dr. Cliff Huxtable.

Let’s remind ourselves what’s at stake here. If convicted, the next time you put on a rerun of The Cosby Show you may wince a little. Might feel a little pang. And none of us deserve that. We don’t deserve to feel that pang. We deserve to dance like no one’s watching, and watch like no one’s raping.

She ends her defence by giving the jury chocolate cake from Cosby arrived via a messenger service. “Ms. Schumer, Cosby wanted to thank you for defending him,” the deliveryman said, handing her an olive martini. She does not drink it obviously.

But if life as a lawyer doesn’t work out for the 33-year-0ld, she can always be next year’s Bachelorette. After earning rave reviews on social media for her guest appearance on this week’s episode of The Bachelorette, ABC senior vice president Robert Mills offered her a spot on the popular show.

The rose ceremonies would be incredible — that we know for sure.