Lindsay Lohan Completes Community Service Hours Ahead of Deadline

Timeline of Trouble
A guide to Lindsay Lohan's legal woes over the years.

It looks like Lindsay Lohan won’t be heading back to jail after all.

After being warned that she was far behind on her community service hours, the Mean Girls star stepped up to the plate and managed to finish the 115 hours remaining on her rap sheet by the set date of May 28.

Earlier this month, a Los Angeles judge told Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, during a hearing stemming from Lohan’s 2012 reckless driving case, that the 28-year-old actress must complete her community service or she’ll most likely face jail time. At the time, Lohan had only completed 10 hours in three years.

In February, most of Lohan’s completed hours were thrown out when prosecutor Terry White discovered that the actress had violated her probation and fudged the numbers on her 240 hours of credit, logging time spent performing in David Mamet‘s West End production of Speed-the-Plow as community service. After the accusations, a judge issued Lohan another 125 hours to be completed.

According to TMZ, Lohan put in at least hours a day for the last 15 days in order to have her community service completed on time. She worked at the Duffield Children’s Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.