Nick Cannon Goes on Mysterious Instagram Rant, Shares Some ‘Real Talk’

Nick Cannon had a lot to share with his fans on Tuesday (May 26, 2015) and like everyone else in Hollywood, he decided to make those thoughts permanent and all the more real — by posting them on Instagram.

Warning: you’ve entered Nick Cannon’s #RealTalk zone. (And if your name is Kim Kardashian, look away, because it’s all text from here).

I'm just saying…

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If you were wondering…

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I'm still learning.

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Thank you

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#InMyFeelings #Still Okay… I'm done.

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Drops the Mic!!! #RealTalk okay I'm done for real now! Time to go to the gym!

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What does it all mean? And are there any clues on who will win Season 10 of America’s Got Talent? What is Nick Cannon really like at his “best?”

Yes, there’s a chance some of these posts are meant for Mariah Carey (consider the butterflies, his mention of a “false relationship”) but earlier this week, Cannon had nothing but nice things to say about his ex.

“You know, I think instead of focusing you know what the media may say and all that it’s ultimately the way everyone deals with family,” he told CBS News. “We put our children first… and focus on the right things instead of what others may glorify.”

According to Cannon, there’s also a chance of seeing his face in the Las Vegas crowd inside Planet Hollywood, where Carey has taken up residency.

“I can’t wait to get over there. As soon as I get a break, I’ll definitely check it out,” he said. “But it’s definitely sometime soon.”

Meanwhile, here’s what Carey got up to last night:

Reunited in Vegas! Love you Olivia Newton John!! #HopelesslyDevotedToYou @therealonj

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