Miley Cyrus Slipped the Nip

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Sometimes the girls just need to breathe.

Miley Cyrus gave Instagram a peep show with this photo where her left nipple is discretely hanging out.


This photo was the first in a two wig series narrated by the early millennium hit, “What’s Your Flava”.

While her uncensored snap is being labeled a “nip slip”, Cyrus most likely lacked an intention either way. The performer is a proponent of liberal selfie-expression, encouraging her fans to “B free n every way”.

B free n every way

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Instagram has yet to pull the media from her account following last year’s “Free the Nipple” controversy wherein stars like Rihanna were targeted for public nudity. This feminist fight against censorship on social media and beyond sought to bring equality to females displaying their breasts.

You can view the undoctored photo on Miley Cyrus’ Instagram account.