Bob Saget Will Reprise His Role as Danny Tanner on ‘Fuller House’

What’s Full House without Danny Tanner?

Bob Saget will reprise his role as Danny Tanner on Fuller House and there’s no one more excited about it than John Stamos, a.k.a. Uncle Jesse.

The actor confirmed the news on Twitter Thursday night (May 28, 2015) that the patriarch of the Full House family will return for the reunion and Netflix series.

He was so excited about the news that he made several spelling errors. He lated corrected himself, adding: “oh and REUNION – sorry i’m tired – been a long day – and let’s not be so picky – you want perfect spelling- follow Oprah.”

Saget didn’t exactly confirm anything, but didn’t deny either. He tweeted:

The news comes the same day Lori Loughlin, who played aunt Becky, announced on Good Morning America, that she will be returning for the Netflix reboot.

'Full House' Reunion
CREDIT: Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Fuller House is set to premiere on Netflix in 2016 and everyone is on board. Everyone except Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.