That Time Ian Somerhalder Told Fans ‘Don’t Follow Us’ and Made a Girl Cry in Paris

No one ever said being a celebrity was easy. Nor is being a fan, apparently.

Ian Somerhalder, who was with his new wife Nikki Reed, was caught on video refusing to take photos with fans in Paris, leaving one girl in tears, and asking that they not follow him and Reed around.

In the 30-second video posted originally by @94Somerhalder, a fan who was on the scene, Somerhalder and Reed exited a building to a group of fans awaiting them. One of them tried to take a selfie with Somerhalder, setting him off.

According to Gossipcop, he said, “Hey guys, listen. No, no. Stop. Everybody listen. I love you guys, but I’m not taking a single photo today. It’s my day.” He continued to tell the crowd, “Don’t follow us, please. I love you, guys. You’re so good to us. You’re so awesome.”

When a fan asked Somerhalder to take “just one” picture, he responded, “No, that’s not just one,” and the girl began to cry. He then asked the crowd again, “But you guys, don’t follow us, please. I love you guys. Do not follow us. Okay? It’s too much.”

Watch Somerhalder tell off fans in the video below:

Gossipcop reports, “The clip cut off as the fans continued to plead for photos with him.”

This video certainly is of a different tune from the romantic one of their wedding that Reed posted on Wednesday (May 27, 2015).

Somerhalder and Reed said “I do” last month, on April 26th. They’ve since been gallivanting around various countries (from Rio to Cannes) on what is the world’s longest honeymoon.