You Can Buy Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch for $100 Million

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If you want to live where the King of Pop lived, you’re going to have to reach deep into your wallet.

Six years after his deathMichael Jackson’s California estate, Neverland Ranch, is up for sale for a cool $100 million.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the 2,700-acre property — now called Sycamore Valley Ranch — still has the iconic floral Neverland clock, but the zoo and amusement parks have been removed. The home includes a 50-seat theatre, a train station, two lakes, and while the elephants and monkeys are gone, one llama still remains on the property for some reason.

Jackson paid $19.5 million for the ranch in 1987 and lived there more than 15 years until he was forced to leave because of financial troubles.

As for who is eligible to buy the ranch? The listing agents will be doing “extensive prequalification” of potential buyers before showing the property. They are specifically looking for a buyer who doesn’t plan to turn the place into a museum for the singer.

Neverland will never be Neverland again.