‘Transparent’ Creator Jill Soloway Reveals Bruce Jenner and Family Watched the Drama and ‘Loved It’

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not Bruce Jenner has seen the phenomenal Amazon original drama Transparent, you’re in luck.

According to the show’s creator, Jill Soloway, Jenner has not only seen it, but he and his entire family are big fans.

While at the Television Academy Honors Event in Beverly Hill on Wednesday (May 27, 2015), Soloway revealed to People that the drama made an impression on the 65-year-old TV personality and athlete, who came out as a woman last month in a special 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer.

Soloway explained, “I met Kim Kardashian and she told me they all watched it and loved it.”

“I know Bruce watched it,” she added.

The writer-producer, whose father came out as transgender in 2011, also acknowledged how Transparent helped Jenner to come out and share his journey.

Knowing that Transparent helped Bruce to see a family where somebody came out and everybody survived, my first phone call was to my parent to say, ‘Look what your bravery did. Your bravery allowed me to tell this story. And this story allowed this person to come out. This person who is an American hero, and who is now an American hero for the second time. And who happens to be the patriarch of the most famous family on the planet.’

Furthermore, Soloway commented on Jenner’s positive influence in society:

I think everybody who’s part of this civil rights movement, we’re all reaching out to each other, we’re finding each other, and holding hands and saying, ‘You’re safe, I’m safe. We’re all in this together.’

I think the fact that Bruce Jenner has come out, America’s kind of caught up now. We don’t have to do any Trans 101 lessons. We can have fun, tell stories, surprise ourselves and the audiences, and just go for it.

Transparent stars Jeffrey Tambor, who won the Best Actor Golden Globe for his inspirational role as a transgender parent; the show also picked up the Golden Globe Best Television Series for Musical or Comedy.