Dustin Diamond Convicted of Two Misdemeanors in Wisconsin Bar Stabbing

A jury found former Saved by the Bell actor Dustin Diamond not guilty of reckless endangerment (a felony charge) in the Wisconsin bar stabbing incident that occurred last Christmas Day.

However, 38-year-old Diamond was convicted of two misdemeanors – carrying a concealed weapon (which carries a maximum sentencing of nine months in prison) and disorderly conduct (which carries a maximum of 90 days in prison).

Of the verdict, Diamond’s lawyer Thomas Alberti said, “We’re happy with the results, we think that justice has been done. The jury did a good job.”

Diamond, who played “Screech” on the ’90s sitcom, and his girlfriend, 27-year-old Amanda Schutz, were at the Grand Avenue Saloon in Milwaukee when they became involved in an altercation inside the bar.

CNN reports that a group of intoxicated patrons began harassing them, and according to the arrest report, Diamond was nervous “there was going to be a brawl,” he said. He then said he turned around to close their tab and grab their coats, but when he turned back, Schutz was bleeding and being held back by her hair by two other guys.

A stabbing happened when Diamond moved towards her and another man grabbed him. According to the report, “Diamond stated that he did not intentionally stab the individual in the bar but that chaos broke out and people were grabbing at him and that he swung his arms to break free.”

The stab victim Casey Smet testified earlier this week and admitted he didn’t know if it was Diamond that stabbed him or not, saying, “Before the altercation, I was not bleeding or stabbed. After the altercation, I was.”

Diamond, meanwhile, explained to the jury, “I was fearing for [Amanda’s] safety and her life. I think [the victim] injured himself when he grabbed me.”

Schutz was also found guilty of disorderly conduct.