Kendall Jenner Almost Had a Minor Nip Slip in Brazil, Shines On

Kendall Jenner narrowly missed having a nip slip on the red carpet while in Brazil, but she was all smiles nonetheless.

Wearing a chic long-sleeved light sea-foam blue minidress, Jenner looked chic and ever the off-duty-model…even when she leaned a little far and revealed a lot of cleavage!

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[Splash News]

She recently shared this video of fans cheering her name as she walked to the red carpet event:

As we reported earlier, the 19-year-old model was in Brazil celebrating the launch of a local brand Le Lis Blanc. She was immediately welcomed with open arms and, you guessed it, mobbed by fans at the airport in Sao Paolo.

Check out the gallery above to see Kendall Jenner at the Le Lis Blanc Winter Collection launch party, almost suffer a nip slip and shine on.