WATCH: Chris Pratt Showing Off His British Accent Is Everything

Everybody loves Chris Pratt. And hearing him do is fake British accent reminds us why.

The Jurassic World star was a guest on The Graham Norton Show (airing June 6), along with Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, and John Bishop, where he described his “parrot”-like nature, and ability to do a British accent that he picked up from watching The Only Way Is Essex (aka TOWIE), a reality TV show (or “garbage TV,” as he called it).

He explained, “We shot Guardians of the Galaxy here in London and my wife [Anna Faris] came out to visit and she fell in love with this show TOWIE…It’s the Jersey Shore from here.”

“And these folks are just like the worst,” he continued, “and I’m a parrot a little bit, and so when I hear it all the time I just started picking it up…I could pick up their accent and do it, a little bit. This is really embarrassing to do in front of a whole room full of Brits here but I’ll try it anyways. So it’s like…”

And behold.

Watch Pratt’s British accent in all its glory in the video above!