Everyone Is Freaking Out About Lorde and Ellie Goulding Hanging Out With Katy Perry

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Apparently, the "Bad Blood" runs deep.
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Revenge is a dish best served with a side of #shade.

Has Lorde finally grown tired of being physically stepped on by Taylor Swift? Is Ellie Goulding a closeted #KatyCat?

Swift’s fandom is up in a frenzy ever since a photo of two of the songstress most trusted BFFs — Lorde and Goulding — partying with rumored nemesis Katy Perry surfaced online. In the snapshot, which still lives on the Instagram of Lorde’s mother, shows the two singers smiling with Perry and a bunch of friends as Lorde recreates in the Flamenco dancer emoji in a red dress.

Needless to say, the Swifties think the two are definitely out of TayTay’s circle of BFFs after this supposed betrayal.


If you’re not caught up on the drama, Swift and Perry have been feuding for some time ever since the latter had allegedly “tried to sabotage [the former’s] entire arena tour.” While Swift has surrounded herself with gal pals like Lorde, Goulding, and all those people that appeared in the star-studded “Bad Blood” video, Perry has taken rounded up the likes of Swift’s ex-boyfriend John Mayer and producer Diplo for her team.

Perhaps realizing that hanging out with Perry constitutes as fraternizing with the enemy, Goulding quickly deleted the same picture from her Instagram soon after sharing it on the social media platform. Don’t worry though, screenshots of the slip-up still lives on.


Does this mean there’s going to be a “Bad Blood” 2.0 about Lorde and Goulding? Only time will tell.