Tuesday 10: Celebrity Trainer Reveals 10 Things to Add to Your Diet to Get in Shape for Summer

Today is the second day of June, and we all know what that means: it’s officially bikini season.

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Now before you have a minor panic attack about hitting the gym twice a day to get in shape quick, we have a secret for you: a fit body is actually made in the kitchen.

Yes, celebrity fitness expert Ashley Borden — who has trained stars like Ryan Gosling (um, jealous), Reese Witherspoon, Christina Aguilera and more — explained to us that there are some foods you can add to your everyday diet to help get in shape.

From water to colorful fruits to dark chocolate (yes, you read that right — chocolate), Borden is breaking down the 10 essential foods she encourages sure her celebrity clients to consume as means of maintaining their hot bods (which is why we should thank her for RyGos’ abs).

Launch the gallery above to see what they are and why they’re important.