WATCH: Channing Tatum Is a Twerking Marketing Executive in ‘Magic Mike XXL’ 3D

Research and development has never looked this sexy.

Channing Tatum went undercover to surprise unsuspecting fans at a “3D” pre-screening of Magic Mike XXL

His alias was Scott Housley, a balding marketing executive for Harley Marketing Solutions.


Housley interviewed fans to learn their honest opinions and hopes for the Magic Mike sequel.


GIF Credit: BuzzFeed


GIF Credit: BuzzFeed

This woman’s thrusty dreams turned into reality when Tatum’s shirtless army commenced pelvic fire on the theater’s audience.


GIF Credit: Mia Lardiere from YouTube

Tatum finally revealed himself in the most delightful way.


GIF Credit: Mia Lardiere from YouTube

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Magic Mike XXL shimmies into theaters on July 1, 2015.