James Franco Spoofs Shia LaBeouf’s ‘Just Do It’ Motivational Video

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Just do it? Nah. Just poo it.

Just few days after Shia LaBeouf — famed rattail enthusiast and someone who’s “not famous anymore” — unleashed a strange motivational video where he continuously screams “just do it”  at the viewer, James Franco has decided to one up the Fury actor by filming a parody of the lengthy 30-minute clip.

And yeah, it’s pretty shitty. (Pun totally intended.)

“Just do it! Just do it! Just poo in the toilet,” Franco, wearing an Adidas shirt and grey boxer briefs, yells as he guides the camera man to a toilet. “Just do it! Do you want to keep pooping in your littler diapers? Just poop in the toilet! All of those other little kids are pooping in their pants. You said you would do it yesterday! Do it in the toilet! Just poo it! Just poo it!”

But Franco isn’t the only one to spoof LaBeouf’s on-camera screamfest. As the video was filmed in front of a green screen, many fans took it upon themselves to insert him into other hilarious scenarios.

Here’s a sampling of the parodies floating around online.