Report: Kim Kardashian Pregnant with Twins

Is Kim Kardashian pregnant with twins? New reports claim the 34-year-old reality star and husband Kanye West are expecting twins.

On Sunday (May 31, 2015), it was revealed that Kardashian is pregnant. Now, we’re hearing that Kardashian might be pregnant with more than one baby.

A source told the New York Daily News, “Kim has told a handful of people that she had in vitro and that two eggs were fertilized. She is waiting to see if they both ‘stick’ before she makes any kind of announcement. She has to wait and see if they are both OK. And she is waiting to get an OK from her doctor that both the fertilized eggs are healthy.”

Another source revealed that Kardashian also wants Caitlyn Jenner “to have her moment” so she’s “lying low about her pregnancy for now.”

While it would be exciting news for the couple, they both haven’t commented on whether Kardashian is indeed pregnant with twins, which means all of these reports are unconfirmed. But, we’ll keep you updated on this story.

Kardashian is reportedly three months pregnant, which would mean she’s due in Dec. 2015.