Some LGBT Groups Are Boycotting Pittsburgh’s Pride Parade Because Iggy Azalea Is Performing

Yikes. Unfortunately, there’s more bad news for Iggy Azalea. Some LGBT groups are dropping out of Pittsburgh’s Pride parade on June 13th in protest of the rapper, who is headlining the parade.

Less than a week ago, in addition to getting engaged, Azalea announced she was canceling her first headlining tour, citing amongst other things that she needed “a mental break.” A couple days earlier, people were petitioning to retract Azalea’s Top Rap Song Billboard Award. When will the backlash against the rapper end?

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the Pittsburgh chapter of the youth advocacy group Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network. and other LGBT-friendly have already cancelled their appearances.

Vanessa Davis, who heads the Pittsburgh chapter of GLSEN, said in a statement, “Our board voted last week to not march in the Pittsburgh Pride parade, due to the insensitive choice of Iggy Azalea as headliner.”

These groups object to Azalea on the grounds that they claim she appropriates African American culture, and has made racist and homophobic statements in some of her past twitter rants.

Azalea is not the only piece of Pittsburgh’s Pride parade being criticized. Many groups are calling out the event’s sponsor, the Delta Foundation, because they claim the foundation “turns a blind eye to issues such as race and the concerns of transgender people.”

Delta critic and founding director of the advocacy group Garden of Peace Project Michael David Battle commented, “This isn’t just about Iggy. It’s about global issues.”

Activist Joy KMT added, “A Pride that highlights Iggy isn’t going to be talking about police enforcement against black transwomen.”

In response, Delta’s board president Gary Van Horn said in a statement that they were “committed to working with all organizations and members of the LGBT community and our allies to be sure that all feel welcome at Pittsburgh Pride.”

OUT notes, “Those opposing this year’s Pride are already planning an alternative event series, Roots Pride, which will kick off with a ‘town hall’ meeting on June 11, an ‘Intergenerational Paint Party’ water-balloon fight June 12, and a ‘Shut It Down’ concert, which will coincide with the Azalea concert, on June 13.”

No word from Azalea on this continuous, seemingly never-ending backlash.