WATCH: Rita Ora Makes Her Return to Pop Music with ‘Poison’

Rita Ora just dropped her latest music video for “Poison,” her newest single in over a year, and it is 100% fierce.

In the video, we see how professional pursuits and the success that comes with it can negatively effect one’s romantic life and leave people broken-hearted in the end (ahem, wonder what that’s about).

In real life, Ora took a short hiatus from pop music to explore acting (she appeared in Fifty Shades of Grey) and modeling, while trying to balance a relationship with the “right guy at the wrong time,” aka Taylor Swift’s new beau Calvin Harris. (Since splitting with Harris, Ora has been dating Ricky Hil.)

In short, in the video, a trendy Ora is scouted on the street by a hot platinum-haired photographer, and she quickly rises to fame as a top supermodel and the photographer’s muse. But what’s success without someone to share it with?

We see Ora lusting after the photographer’s affections, but he only has an interest in her longtime male friend from the days before fame…

*Sigh*. You can’t always get what you want, but hey, at least you can look hot and wear designer clothing, right?

Ora really makes a statement at the end by catching the fashion photos of her on fire.

Listen to her newest song “Poison” in the video above!