Even Kim Kardashian Has to Unbutton Her Pants Occassionally

Kim Kardashian is just like us: sometimes even she has to unbutton her pants to get comfortable.

Kim Kardashian Talks Weight Gain
Kim Kardashian talks weight gain during her first pregnancy.

The 34-year-old reality star is undoubtedly an icon when it comes to fashion, but she admits it’s not always easy — especially while pregnant.

In an interview with Elle magazine at the launch of Hype energy drink earlier this week — during which she wore a f*cking latex dress three months into her pregnancy — she candidly revealed, “Sometimes I wear two pairs [of Spanx] under something or stockings. It holds you in. And when you go on all these hormones and stuff, before I felt like, you know, I was trying everything [to get pregnant] so I was getting bigger and bigger and I was like ‘No, I’m not pregnant yet, I need to be skinny.’ So, I was definitely insecure.”

In fact, she admits she wasn’t feeling her best in that latex dress she wore at the launch. “I was wearing these pregnancy Spanx and they were newer, so they weren’t really the color tone of what I used to wear, and so you totally saw through,” she says. “I was just like ‘Fuck it, I’m more comfortable in that and it’s just going to be one of those days’— I wasn’t feeling good.”

(Meanwhile, we all know she was looking GREAT).

Kardashian added that a lot of her ensembles are actually really uncomfortable, and while they look great in photos, once the cameras are gone, the clothes are, too!

“I mean, sometimes I’ll wear something and I’ll get inside and be like ‘Oh my God, I want to take these shoes off,’ like ‘That was not normal, I can’t wear these, I need to just leave and take them off,'” she reveals, adding, “So it might look good in the picture, but I get them and then like, I’ve got to be normal and like unbutton my pants when I get in the car.”

One thing she’s really worried about for pregnancy No. 2 is taking a step down from her go-to high heels: “I happen to hate the way I look in flats. It’s really hard for me so I’m already thinking, like, ‘What the fuck am I going to do?’ And when I was pregnant, it was the hardest thing. But I know it’s better and easier, you know, so it’s a struggle.”

The struggle is real, Kim.